The first fully diagnostic zero-footprint solution

TOMTEC ZERO1 is the next zero-footprint generation of cardiovascular software solutions. Accessible through web browsers, it breaks down the barriers imposed by traditional workstations and the boundaries of hospitals. Every physician reading cardiology studies at multiple locations (office, reading room, ward, home) has now full diagnostic access to all images and relevant clinical tools, including automated strain measurements. Remote capabilities open up the possibilities for collaboration and second opinion. TOMTEC ZERO is the web-based TOMTEC-ARENATM and is planned for sale end of 2017.








How will TOMTEC ZERO fit into my practice?


can review images on mobile devices at any time. Whether they are in the hospital or at home, pertinent information is just a click away.


can review clinical data on mobile devices for surgical planning.


can instantly access reports and studies to get results rapidly from the Cardiologist.


can collaborate with expert readers from central site to deliver excellent patient care.


With TOMTEC ZERO patient information are not stored on the devices to avoid accidental exposure.

  • Your IT administrators control what users can access
  • Supports you in complying with HIPAA
  • HTTPS enabled secure URL launching using data encryption
  • Data remains on the server



Whether you are in a single facility or a large healthcare system, TOMTEC ZERO can scale to meet your needs today and tomorrow:

  • Easily plugs into multiple distributed storage systems to create a single data access point
  • Complete integration with current reporting systems
  • Flexible workflow integration: Integrates with any information/clinical system, all major PACS, VNA and EMR systems or cloud archives
  • Innovative Data Access: TOMTEC ZERO’s federated search architecture does not create new, proprietary or additional data

Key Features

True Zero-footprint

  • Quick access to information regardless of browser, hospital infrastructure or IT policies currently in place. Using HTML5 requires no downloads, no installation, no Java/Flash plug- ins/ActiveX and ensures browser independence.
  • TOMTEC ZERO allows access to medical images in a safe and secure way. No trace of the opened files or related data is left within the browser or the device

Measurements on-the-go

  • Comprehensive cardio-vascular measurements on-the-go for mobile devices
  • Supported automated measurements:
    • Biplane Simpson
    • Intima media thickness
    • Strain imaging
    • Stenosis quantification
      • Left atrial volume/function

Ergonomics and Usability

  • TOMTEC ZERO is a web-based version of TOMTEC-ARENA, therefore the users who are familiar with TOMTEC won’t see a difference between the web and the desktop version.

Quality Control

  • Review all online and offline measurements in comprehensive worksheets
  • Check measurements for completenes according to the IAC standards
  • Compare measurements to norm values and indicate deviations

Review & Image Analytics

  • 2D/3D image review
  • Echo, vascular and Cath measurements
  • Automated measurements to increase efficiency and diagnostic quality

Mobile Structured Reporting

  • Create consistent high quality reports
  • Quickfill and Auto-Summary support an efficient workflow
  • Customize content and structure to your needs



1 ) TOMTEC ZERO is part of TOMTEC-ARENA™. TOMTEC ZERO is in development, is not yet CE marked and is not yet available for sale in the USA and in the rest of the world. It is planned for sale beginning of 2018.

2) is part of TOMTEC-ARENA™

3) TOMTEC-ARENA is a registered trademark of TOMTEC IMGAGING SYSTEMS GMBH in Germany and/or other countries.