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*This educational activity is approved for 0.75 SDMS CME* Presented by Dr. Luc Mertens, the echocardiography section head at The Hospital for Sick Children. This webinar will demonstrate the current echocardiographic techniques that can be used to quantitatively asses RV function. As a participant, you'll be able to see how different echocardiographic techniques can be combined to quantify RV function and how the methods can be used in longitudinal follow-up. Further, the information gained from this webinar can be applied using the vendor-neutral 2D measurements, 2D strain and 4D RV-FUNCTION packages.

20.04.2018 - 08:00
San Francisco UTC-8h
20.04.2018 - 11:00
New York UTC-5h
20.04.2018 - 17:00
Berlin UTC+1
21.04.2018 - 00:00
Tokio UTC+9h


Training Sessions

Recorded Info Sessions

Comprehensive Aortic Root 3D echocardiography sizing with vendor neutral TOMTEC software for TAVR and surgical planning. Our guest faculty for this relevant subject is Dr. George Gellert. Dr. Gellert is the Medical Director, Interventional Echocardiography, Structural Heart Program at The Cavanagh Center, Banner University Medical Center. Along with serving as the Medial Director, Dr. Gellert also serves as an Instructor of Anesthesiology for Mayo Clinic Scottsdale along with several other rankings and positions. Dr. Gellert is a speaker, instructor and proctor for Abbott Structural Heart MitraClip, Medtronic HVT CoreValve, Edwards THV Sapien, Philips US, Siemens US and soon GE US. Dr. Gellert is also Chief Imaging Advisor for Mardil Medical, a mitral valve start-up company. Dr. Gellert brings with him today a vast knowledge of tans-catheter aortic valve replacement using TOMTEC’s vendor neutral software.


This webinar demonstrates the use of our vendor neutral, automated tri-plane strain analysis solution - AutoSTRAIN.


TOMTEC two-part webinar series, with expert discussion of the role for 3D echocardiography in heart failure assessment and treatment. Our guest faculty for this relevant subject is Rick Meece, ACS RDCS RCIS FASE, an Advanced Cardiac Imaging Specialist associated with Saint Thomas Heart, based in Nashville Tennessee. Rick is active in 3D focused clinical research development, clinical echocardiography, and structural heart imaging, and has published numerous work in peer-reviewed journals and presented data at national society meetings. The initial section will be a didactic presentation entitled (Case Studies in the Role of 3D Echocardiography for Evaluation of Heart Failure Management and Myocardial Mechanics). The second section will be a more technical overview of the use of the Saint Thomas experience in the use of the TOMTEC 4D LV-ANALYSIS application in 3D volumetric analysis and reporting.


“Tools for Left Ventricular Quantification- What Are My Options”. TOMTEC Solutions for both 2D and 3D data will be demonstrated.


Priority is placed on early detection. An automated, vendor neutral, accurate and highly reproducible solution is needed in order to monitor progress of pulmonary hypertension


By using automation and subclinical markers such as the GLS, enables clinicians to more closely monitor, more accurately assess, and treat heart failure with greater confidence and greater success.


The early struggle with analysing Strain, the objective of the “Strain Task Force” and where we are today


Echocardiographic Detection of early diabetic myocardial Disease


Recorded Training Sessions

For a short overview what's new in TTA2.30 Please login for technical documentation such as release notes:

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Please login for technical documentation such as release notes:

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With TTA2.20.01 we start to offer a webinar which shows the new features and changes compared to the prior version:

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There are continuously updates within the TOMTEC applications and I can use the positive outcomes either in my daily routine or for research purposes. These updates have been brought to my awareness during TOMTEC online webinars.

PD Dr. Christoph Sinning, University Heart Center Hamburg, Germany

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Train yourself on TOMTEC-ARENA TTA 2.21



04/05 - 04/06/18
San Donato Milanese / Italy

Cardiology Course



TOMTEC Symposium

Mannheim / Germany

Knowledge Exchange: Tricuspid Valve



Beirut Libanon

04/05/18 – 04/07/18
Beirut / Libanon

4D TEE and TTE practical course

Children`s Hospital

Chicago / USA

Echocardiogr. Assessment 


05/09/18 - 05/12/18
Athen / Greece 

Europ. Association for Pediatric Cardiology

Expert Day

3rd Quarter 2018
Unterschleissheim / Germany

Industry experts meet clinical professionals

Stress Echo Workshop 2018

October 2018
Milton Keynes / UK

Stress Echo Course

Imaging Campus Workshop

Milan, Italy

Imaging Campus Workshop